Oil & Gas Company Increases Business 3X with Digital Marketing

Here’s how we helped them develop and reach their digital marketing goals

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The Problem

Our client is a leading third-party operator qualification evaluations provider that also offers safety courses and safety certifications to meet operator compliance requirements.

Prior to working on their new website with Definity Web, they had an old website that had not been updated in years. It didn’t showcase the unique value proposition of the company and didn’t provide enough information about their process, qualifications, or expertise. As a result, the website didn’t garner much traffic or many leads. The leads which they did get were not the target audience they were trying to reach.

The business wasn’t able to rely on their website as an effective marketing or sales tool, which was affecting the company’s growth goals. They wanted the opportunity to make initial contact with bigger clients in the industry, and they realized their current website wasn’t going to help them accomplish that.

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The Solution

In order to turn their website into a lead generating marketing engine — instead of an old, outdated resource — our client partnered with Definity Web. Here’s how we worked with them:

  • Content strategy: The first step was to establish what made our client unique. We researched their audience to understand their challenges and needs, and then created a messaging strategy that clarified what kind of content resonated with their customers. We also established a brand voice and tone.
  • SEO: Since visibility and traffic were an issue for our client, we focused on search engine optimization to get prospects to the website. Through on-page SEO, including title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt-tags, we bumped up the search ranking for the site.
  • Conversion copywriting: Each page on the website was strategically written to garner the most effective response from website visitors. The copy compels prospects to learn more about the business and contact them to start the next step.
  • Design: We created a professional and intuitive design for the website so visitors can easily navigate the pages. We also used eye-catching images that provide more information on our client’s expertise and services.
  • Development: Our team of developers created a website that is secure and problem-free. Built using the latest in web standards, the site performs flawlessly on all devices and screen sizes. In addition to looking great for site visitors, our developers paid close attention to how Google and other non-human visitors would see the content.

The manager at our client’s business said, “Definity Web really improved the quality of calls and inquiries we receive now.  Everything we discussed with the content development team is exactly what we are seeing delivered to new potential clients. In a word of mouth business, we significantly underestimated the impact of the website.


The Results

Today, our client’s website has had a direct hand in making this business a powerhouse. The company originally wanted to increase their sales and grow their business by attracting larger players in the industry. With Definity Web’s help, they were able to quickly secure the largest contract in company history in addition to other large deals with big-name players.

Revenue has significantly increased since 2019 close to or at triple the business,” says the manager. “Feedback from new clients stated they used the website as the initial way to verify our business credentials and level of professionalism. This directly impacted the type of new clients we have gained. The content writers were worth every penny!!”

What was most satisfying about working with Definity Web? Here’s what our client had to say: “Clear organization of the proposals, development plans, and project implementation. The breakdown of the service options by price was also very helpful. No other company would quote us specific information on where our money was going, just a general ballpark figure. We also appreciated the effort Definity Web put into the well laid out proposal knowing there was a chance we could refuse the service agreement. It showed the integrity of standing behind their services.”

Looking to grow your business 3x just like our oil and gas client? Contact Definity Web today to learn how.

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