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Digital Marketing For Oil And Gas Companies That Complements Word-Of-Mouth & Traditional Sales.

Here’s what the new era of oil and gas digital marketing looks like

The oil and gas industry is like no other — with incredible highs and unpredictable lows. In order to navigate the changing market conditions and take advantage of opportunities available, it’s important to be able to pivot on a dime.

At Definity Web, we offer a range of website and digital marketing services that help your organization attract new leads, gain market share, and reach your growth goals.

Plus, our digital marketing strategies work well with your in-person marketing style — so you can still close the deal with a handshake.

Our Services
(for the oil and gas industry)

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Oil and gas websites

Gain market share with an engaging website that converts visitors into customers. Our team handles everything from strategy and design to copywriting and development, so you can rest assured everything is perfect.
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If you don’t grab your customers’ attention within two seconds, they will move onto the next thing. We write copy for websites, ads, articles, videos, and more that speaks to the issues your customers are facing — and positions you as the ultimate solution.

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Site Performance Boost

If your website takes too long to load, users will leave. That's where Site Performance Boost comes in - with our team of world-class developers; we can speed up your website for better load times and a better user experience. Plus, improved performance means better SEO, so you'll be sure to see results!
Site Speed
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Social media marketing

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok — which ones should your organization focus on? We’ll handle everything from writing posts to creating images to scheduling to analytics, ensuring you grow your follower base.
Social Media
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Print marketing

From indoor banners and banner stands to business cards, flyers, and posters, we offer a full range of print marketing materials to complement your digital marketing strategies. For conferences, trade shows, and sales meetings, we set you up for success.
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Lead generation

More than just a fancy buzzword, lead generation is about convincing your prospects to take action on your website, social media, or marketing campaigns. We dig deep to understand who your audience is so we can figure out what tactics to use to compel them to move forward in the sales cycle. What happens when your audience takes action? We build a system and a process using the HubSpot CRM so your sales team knows exactly who to contact, when to get in touch, and what to talk about.
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Brand awareness

Many organizations assume that if you build a website, your customers will know where to find you. This isn’t the case at all — you have to go to where your prospects are and make them aware of your solutions. In order to build credibility and showcase your expertise, you also have to publish innovative and frequent content on your website and in industry publications. We use PPC advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and more to bring interested prospects to your site.
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Message clarity

One of the biggest challenges many oil and gas companies face is explaining what they do in simple terms to their audience. We work with your subject-matter experts to understand the core of your business, and develop messaging anchors which guide all of your online marketing content/copywriting. This way, your website visitors can easily understand what you do and how you add value in just a few seconds without having to wade through complex industry jargon.
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Professional online presence

The oil and gas industry has been operating for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like it. We update your entire online presence, starting with a fresh and functional website design using a visual brand identity. We set up design templates you can use for social media, help you create eye-catching ads, and build marketing funnels that attract your target audience.
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Easy online operations

Incorporating oil and gas digital marketing activities into a traditional in-person sales and marketing industry means you need new processes and systems. Using HubSpot CRM software, we help your team intake, track, monitor, and manage every lead that comes through. Plus, we also set up email automation systems and messaging bots that save your organization time, reducing the cost per lead acquisition.

Work with a trusted digital marketing partner that understands the oil and gas industry. We help you combine your traditional marketing tactics with new ones so you can attract more leads and turn them into customers.
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Eric is not a vendor, he is a partner; he is personally invested in my business.

It all starts with Web Strategy Exploration™

Digital marketing for oil and gas companies works. However, you can’t just build a website and throw out a few social media posts. Like all good work, it requires a solid strategy, measurable goals, and known outcomes.

Get started with the Web Strategy Exploration process today so we can ensure your organization is set up to outlast the competition and gain a loyal customer base.

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