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Is your business website making you money?

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You don’t need a Website

You need a way to get more leads & sales online.
Here's how we do it...

Web Strategy Exploration™

We start by digging deep into the challenges your business faces with a series of interviews.

WSE Blueprint™

Then, we put together a detailed plan with clear objectives to solve real problems.


After all of that, we roll up our sleeves and get to work building solutions to grow your business!


Once the right systems are in place, we are able to really turn up the marketing faucet for you!

Definity Web - Testimonials


Rudy and Yvonne WrightWright-Way Services was thrilled to work with Definity Web. We claim to be leaders in our industry, but you’d never know by looking at our YouTube page. It was sad and outdated.

Within days Eric had us looking professional and eye-catching. He was so easy to work with too! I can’t wait to see how this boosts our views and our sales! I would recommend Definity Web to all of my business friends.

- Rudy & Yvonne Wright



"I Already Have Tons of Site Traffic"

That's great! But is "traffic" what you want? Are these visitors turning into sales? We specialize in bringing the right kind of traffic to your site and then hold their hand through the buying process.

The truth is, most site visitors aren't even qualified to buy your product and of those that are, they aren't truly ready to buy. We set systems in place that nurture qualified buyers. The end result is more sales & higher profits.

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"How Can You Help My Business Grow Online?"

We can definitely help you grow, but like any great farm or field being prepared for planting, the soil conditions may vary. The soil acidity, mineral deposits, pH levels, and water tables all contribute to the methods and strategies you use to plant a new crop.

Like farming, successful marketing begins with a deep dive into your business to understand your pre-existing conditions before we begin.

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About Definity Web?

Web Design - Tyler Texas


Definity Web, LLC is a full-service web design agency in Tyler, Texas. The company is owned and operated by Eric Platt with the help and support of his wife Jennifer in the piney woods of East Texas.

Don't let the size of the operation fool you. While this family-owned agency looks small, it is part of a massive network of web professionals.

If for some reason Eric's ten years of web design/development and digital marketing isn't enough, he belongs to a mastermind community with some of the top agencies in the world. This network of web professionals allows him to accomplish projects far beyond the average family owned web design shop.

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