Is your business ready to weather the storm?

The oil and gas industry is unpredictable and highly volatile. Do you have a way to get qualified leads so you can ride out the market shifts? Our focus is on helping oil and gas organizations like yours build online lead generation marketing systems that compliment your word-of-mouth marketing style.

The best way to close the deal in your industry is with a handshake. But with Definity Web in your corner, you can get more leads, have meaningful conversations, and build trusting relationships — all before you’re even in the same room with your customers.

Here’s how we help you reach your goals, increase your market share, and close more sales:

Getting consistent leads for your oil and gas organization starts online. Click the button below to learn how we can help you enhance your current marketing activities.

Lead generation

We make your oil and gas website conversion oriented. This means we use content and design to get your customers to book a meeting, download a resource, or give you a call. Plus, we build a system to feed those leads to your sales team so they can act on them, with all of the details like which web pages the prospect visited and their contact information.

Brand awareness

Through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and more, we get your brand in front of your prospective customers. We also write thoughtful and innovative articles and blogs to showcase your expertise, so prospects know you’re the leader in your field.

Message clarity

Your business is highly technical and complex. Do your customers know what you really do? We develop brand messaging that is simple and easy to understand. We translate your technical terminology into plain language that resonates with your target audience so they know you’re the right business to help them with their problems.

Professional online presence

In this day and age, a website from 2008 won’t cut it. But here’s the thing — we don’t just build pretty websites. We design and develop highly functional oil and gas websites that help you get more leads. But the website isn’t your customer’s endgame. We also figure out what actions your customers want to take next and how you can support them.

Easy online operations

Your website and online marketing are only effective if they’re connected to offline operations. We ensure that you have systems in place to intake, track, monitor, and follow up with your leads, like customer relationship management (CRM) software and email automation systems. And we teach your team to use them effectively, too.

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The Definity Web team's level of professionalism, creativity, and responsiveness is second to none.

We completed a large project to a high degree of quality in a very compressed time frame. I could not be happier with the level of service and creativity support I received from Definity Web.

Eric is not a vendor, he is a partner; he is personally invested in my business.

- Mark Freeman
President of EnerCorp

Build a secure future for your business

Times are changin’. We understand it can be frustrating and worrying trying to figure out oil and gas digital marketing on your own, especially in an industry that is still governed by an old-fashioned handshake-style of marketing. We’re not the type of agency that tells you to change everything. We help you boost your marketing so you get more qualified leads that turn into sales.

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We have the resources of a large agency, but the flexibility of a small one:

We work with experts in design, development, seo, copywriting, PPC, and more, but we bring the personal touch of a small shop. This means we can complete projects in weeks, not months.
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Our proven process is designed to get to the heart of the problem:

Our proprietary Web Strategy Exploration™ process digs deep into who your audience is, why your current marketing isn’t getting you leads, and what you can do to change it.
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We build on your existing marketing activities:

You don’t have to scrap decades of marketing knowledge. We show you how your existing processes can compliment new digital marketing activities to close sales faster.
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We bring local Texan knowledge:

Texas born and bred, we have been around the oil and gas industry our whole lives. We treat your business like our own family, making sure you get the results you’re looking for.

Let us empower you with the knowledge and expertise you need to make the right decisions for the future of your business.


Working with the Definity Web team to redesign our website has been a very smooth and productive process.  Their web design and content strategy development process really captured the message we were trying to convey to our target audience within the oil and gas industry.

In fact, the Definity Web team was so effective that we landed a new service agreement with a multibillion dollar company within a couple months of the new website launch.

Operator Qualifications & Safety

Meet Eric Platt, owner of Definity Web

Definity Web was always Eric’s calling.

Eric Platt is the owner and founder of Definity Web. He thrives on working with some of the biggest and best oil and gas companies in the industry, helping them actualize their marketing and sales goals.

In the beginning, Eric was Definity Web, handling all design, development, and marketing tasks on his own. As the company grew, Eric joined a powerful mastermind group to gain access to a number of other marketing professionals who he now partners with to provide his clients with the results they’re after.

Outside of Definity Web, Eric is married to his wife Jennifer, a proud father of their four boys, and a follower of Jesus Christ. He’s a perpetual learner with a passion for homesteading, liberty, and freedom.

Get in touch with Eric to learn more about how Definity Web can help your business get more leads online.

Lynn Kistler

Eric from Definity Web developed my website... I get so many compliments for it. He did such an amazing job, and it's so easy to work with him.

He's able to go step by step with me along the way and make sure that everything looks exactly the way I wanted it.

Thank you, Eric, you're amazing!

- Lynn D Kistler, M Ed
Bridging The Gap

Our proven process brings you results

Like a lot of the processes you use in your industry, we’re all about efficiency, cutting waste, and making good time. Here’s how we ramp up leads for your business.


We uncover where your business excels, what your weaknesses are, and what opportunities exist in your market. We call it, Web Strategy Exploration™.


We review your current marketing activities, take a deep dive into the numbers, and develop a plan of action called the WSE Blueprint.


We put the WSE Blueprint to work, building websites, campaigns, and systems that bring you qualified leads.

Feel confident about the future of your business, regardless of what volatile market shifts are to come. We’re here to guide you through the process and advise you on how to bring digital marketing into your business.
Learn about Exploration

Don’t settle for a pretty website that doesn’t get you anywhere

We’ll help you generate new leads, close more business, and thrive through the storm.