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An AI Hack For Zoom Calls

Ever found yourself distracted in a meeting, busy scribbling down notes and missing out on the actual discussion? Or maybe you’ve wished you could revisit a critical point from a meeting, but your notes just don’t capture it? Enter Fathom – a game-changing tool that revolutionizes your Zoom meetings.

The Magic of Fathom:

Fathom is a free AI meeting assistant designed to enhance productivity during online meetings. It records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings, allowing you to concentrate more on the conversation.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Summaries: Highlight a portion of your call, and Fathom will summarize what was spoken.
  • Instant Access to Call Recordings: Gain immediate access to the call recording, full transcription, and all highlighted moments once the call ends.
  • Multilingual Support: Fathom supports several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese.
  • Integration with Work Tools: Copy and paste perfectly formatted summaries and action items to Google Docs, Gmail, or your preferred task manager.
  • CRM Integration: Automatically generate and sync call notes to your CRM, reducing manual data entry.
  • Sharing Highlights: Share clips that provide a comprehensive account of the meeting, going beyond just notes.
  • Creation of Playlists: Save and share highlights in the form of a playlist.

Why Use Fathom?

By using Fathom, you no longer need to be preoccupied with note-taking during your meetings. You can stay engaged and present. Plus, you get a searchable transcript after every meeting – how handy is that!

Privacy and Security:

Fathom prioritizes your privacy and security. All recordings created with Fathom are private, and you have full control over who can view them. They follow best practices for security, including end-to-end encryption, robust monitoring, and regular third-party penetration testing.

Getting Started with Fathom:

As someone who’s been using Fathom for over a year, I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to enhance your online meetings, why not give Fathom a try? You can get started with Fathom using my link. Let the AI assistant revolutionize your meetings while you focus on what’s truly important – the discussion.


Remember, the future of work is here, and tools like Fathom are playing a crucial role in shaping it. Don’t get left behind. Make your Zoom meetings more efficient, productive, and easy with Fathom.

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